i'm a bit out of it sometimes -- i'm an artist!

i just realized that i probably appear out of it to some on many occasions. it's often cuz i'm smothered in thoughts and i'd rather spend time with them than talk to someone. i know -- a bit crazy, huh.

well, it's me.

spent good time at Kavachinos again tonight! Massiel and i joked about her having a pen and journal in her coffin and waking up when Jesus comes with the frantic desire to pen, "He's here" before being transported. i love it!

if you don't live here, you really should visit so that you too can say you've been to Kavachinos. Starbucks, Smarbucks. Kava's is above and beyond that spent example of gentrification, materialism, and ideology gone bad. i have no clue what i just said. i just love Kava's and i don't use the "l" word that often!

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