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this blog is over...well, for now. don't know if i'll feel inspired to write in this space again. why? what happened? oh i dunno. i just don't feel like it any more.

so if you want to read me, just google "wordhabit." i'm always somewhere out here in web space, always current...somewhere...making words my habit...


new blog?

so i get bored with layouts and instead of just changing this one, i began a new one and then another one but we'll keep with the 2nd...for now.


i'm wordhabitting as many spaces as i can...i know...a bit obsessive...yeah yeah


good morning

i woke up to the idea that God wants to change the world through me. the thought hit and i was up, up like a jack in the box, wide-eyed like the five yr-old witnessing a magic trick. awake, fully conscious.

change the world through me?

it was a strange scene in my dream. two politicians stood talking, one running for president, the other running for vice. after seeing who their opponents where the vice president already looked defeated. "why did you ask me to be your running mate when you knew they'd be running?" he asked.

"because i want you to help me change the world," replied his colleague with smooth confidence.

it was simple. i woke up.

then i went running with Maribeth in the 6:30 air as a rainbow stood in the distance. that's how mornings should be. a shocking dream and an energetic run with God's smile in the sky.

now i must act on the dream because i love the smile.



With both my arms outstretched, the two faces of my existence finally crash one into the other...(click)



it’s fascinating to see how light alters things, how the sun (for example) makes it hard to see the exact locale of the Frisbee in flight. so I knock it from the sky wishing I had more perception.



I wish I could explain the happy state I’m in. but it’s much too late at night to even try. So I’ll just be thankful that I’m soooo happy. Perhaps it all boils down to time well spent with fun low-key people. I should definitely do that more often.

Okay. It’s 11:30pm. I’ve been up since 3:50somethingoranother…

yeah it’s a wrap