i'm reconsidering...

the way i relate to my hair.

yes, perhaps it's not the most profound thing in your book but in mine, it's serious stuff.

my hair is so important that i've written poems about it, devoted words and hours to explore its nature and what that means for me. i've even cried over it and prayed over it. yes, God cares about my curls, my twists, my braids, my fro, my unique combinations...

and now i want a change. nothing drastic. nothing that will possibly harm it like chemicals of one lye or another. just something different that looks good but doesn't consume my time -- i don't have time -- i don't want to make time -- not for my hair -- not anymore.

and i'd rather not devote time to brainstorming my options. i'd like to wake up tomorrow morning and know. no doubts. no potential possibilities to pick from. just one way.

and what would be really nice is if when i wake up, it's already done.

yes, i'm looking for a miracle ;)

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